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 Leo Award

Bob Galliers, Bentley University
Detmar Straub, Georgia State University


 Fellow Award

Alan Dennis, Indiana University
Elena Karahanna, University of Georgia
Ann Majchrzak, University of Southern California
Claudia Loebbecke, University of Cologne
Roger Clarke, Australian National University
Soon Ang, Nanyang Technological University


 Best Paper

Assessing Value in an Online Network of Products
Gal Oestreicher-Singer, Tel Aviv University
Barak Libai, Arison School of Business, Interdisciplinary Center
Liron Sivan, Tel Aviv University
Eyal Carmi, Tel Aviv University
Ohad Yassin, Tel Aviv University

Best Paper Runner Up

Measuring Product Type with Dynamics of Online Review Variance: Implications for Research and Practice
Yili Hong, Temple University
Pei-Yu Chen, Temple University
Lorin M Hitt, University of Pennsylvania

A Multi-level Analysis of the Impact of Health Information Technology on Hospital Performance
Hyeyoung Hah, Emory University
Anandhi Bharadwaj, Emory University


 Best Theme Paper: Digital Innovation in the Service Economy

ICT Standardization Strategies and Service Innovation in Health Care
Ole Hanseth, University of Oslo
Bendik Bygstad, Norwegian School of Information Technology
Gunnar Ellingsen, University of Tromso
Liv Karen Johannessen, University of Tromso
Eli Larsen, University of Tromso

Search Less, Find More? Examining Limited Consumer Search with Social Media and Product Search Engines
Anindya Ghose, New York University
Panos Ipeirotis, New York University
Beibei Li, New York University


 Best Conference Paper in IS Education

Bringing the Outside World to the Remote Mountains: the Nepal Wireless Networking Project
Maung Sein, University of Agder
Devendra Thapa, University of Agder
Oystein Saebo, University of Agder


 Best Research-in-Progress Paper

Generative Diffusion of Innovations: An Organizational Genetics Approach
Zhewei Zhang, Temple University
Rob Kulathinal, Temple University
Sunil Wattal, Temple University
Youngjin Yoo, Temple University

Best Research-in-Progress Paper Runner-Up

Do Hackers Seek Variety? An Empirical Analysis of Website Defacements
Kok Wei Ooi, National University of Singapore
Seung Hyun Kim, National University of Singapore
Qiu-Hong Wang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Kai-Lung Hui, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Identifying Optimal IT Portfolios to Promote Healthcare Quality
Ken Pinaire, Dakota State University
Surendra Sarnikar, Dakota State University

Knowledge Diversity and Simmelian Tie in Generating Creative Ideas
Yi Wu, National University of Singapore
Xiqing Sha, National University of Singapore
Klarissa Chang, National University of Singapore


 Innovation in Teaching

A business game to teach information systems concepts
Trevor T. Moores, ESSEC Business School


 Outstanding Contribution in IS Education

Albert L. Harris, Appalachian State University


 Technology Award

John Windsor, Technology Challenge Award
Andrew Burton-Jones, The Vision
Paul Gray, The ATLAS


 Doctoral Dissertation Award

Analyzing Consumer Behavior on Product Search Engines: Interplay between Search and Social Media
Beibei Li and Anindya Ghose (Advisor), New York University, USA

First Runner-Up

Generative Collectives
Wietske van Osch and Michel Avital (Advisor), Amsterdam University, NED

Second Runner-Up

The Quest for Content: How User-Generated Links Can Facilitate Online Exploration
Shachar Reichman and Gal Oestreicher-Singer (Advisor), Tel Aviv University, ISR


 Chapter of the Year

University of Michigan - Dearborn

Distinguished Chapters
The University of Alabama
The University of Georgia

Outstanding Chapters
Temple University
Arizona State University
The University of Montana
Utah State University

Honorable Mention Professional Development
Illinois State University
University of North Texas
The University of Memphis
The American University in Cairo
Indiana University
The University of Florida

Honorable Mention Community Service
Illinois State University
The University of Memphis
The American University in Cairo

Honorable Mention Fundraising
Brigham Young University

Honorable Mention Careers in Information Systems
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
The University of Memphis
University of Alabama at Birmingham